War Drake

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Drake - War

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Текст песни Drake - War
I don't cop things for resale, don't do iCloud, don't do email
Feds wanna tap up man and wire up man like Chubbs did Detail
Back when Ricky was doin' up Teesdale, I was doin' dinner with Teezy
I didn't trust no one, swore gyal lined me 'cause gyal too greazy
Niko never move neeky, sweatsuit Nike, sweatsuit DG
If man get beaky, ring ring, call up GiGi, do him up neatly
Used to look up to a man from certain ends with tune on repeat
Thought he was a bad boy, then 'til man got pinched and man went PC
Man went PC just like Dell and Windows, some man been those
Before I was ever around Kendall's, I was at ends though, dreamin' up Enzos
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