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CJ - Whoopty

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Текст песни CJ - Whoopty
Bitch, I'm outside it's a movie (Whoopty)
(Huh) Blue cheese, I swear I'm addicted to blue cheese
I gotta stick to this paper-like loose leaf
Bitch, I'm 'bout my chicken like it's a two-piece
You can have your bitch back, she a groupie
She just swallowed all my kids in the two-seat (Gag)
Swagged out - for Milly, we bringing them gats out
I still got some racks stuffed in the trap house
Off the 42, I'm blowing her back out (Blowing her back out)
I'm back on my bullshit, swing back with a full clip
They say I'm moving ruthless
And my shooters, they shooting
I don't shakе 'til they roof criss

I get the breesh, thеn it's adiós
If I'm with your treesh then she's giving throat
When I see police, then we getting low
That's another piece, that's another Zoe
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